One of the many secrets of CMSWillowbrook’s success is our ability to self-perform some of the construction work on projects. We don’t use our Self Performance Team on every job, but it adds great value to our company. However, many people don’t really know what this specialized crew of 40 highly skilled craftsmen actually does.

A member of the Self Performance Team welds on a CMSWillowbrook project.

A member of the Self Performance Team welds on a CMSWillowbrook project.

Self performance is when a general contractor or construction manager completes tasks using its own employees rather than hiring a subcontractor. Although CMSWillowbrook works with several expert subcontractors, they don’t do everything on our projects.  

On some jobs, the Self Performance Team goes through a public bidding process in accordance with state statute for trades such as rough carpentry. The team has to compete against all other subcontractors on an even playing field. This helps keep the owner’s costs down by creating a competitive market. 

On other jobs, we support our subcontractors by filling gaps in the scope of work and completing punch-list items. Before giving the keys to the owner, our Self Performance Team knocks out remaining tasks and adds the finishing touches. If follow-up work is needed, other companies have to wait for a contractor to return. However, our employees can step in to keep projects moving.

Our experts are skilled in a variety of trades, including carpentry, concrete, masonry, earthwork and more. No matter the task, our employees can handle it.

The Self Performance Team uses its vast knowledge to help subcontractors by adding extra labor support to meet deadlines. Self performing allows us to better manage schedules and ensure projects are completed on time.

And the quality of our employees’ craftsmanship is second to none. Many of our foremen have over 20 years of experience with us and know how to deliver excellent products using efficient methods. We understand each other’s strengths and constantly work to hone our skillsets.

We also protect the safety of our Self Performance Team by regularly conducting training courses. We recently participated in mobile equipment training to learn more about excavators and utility tractors, including safe operation standards. Next, we will focus on fall prevention for Construction Safety Week, ensuring this crucial part of the CMSWillowbrook family goes home safe each day.

Jeff McClure is the vice president of self performance at CMSWillowbrook

Larisha Hunter