Customer Service Equals Marketing

It is assumed that most everyone wants to be good at their job. Whether they are working in estimating, project management,  project administration, or contracting- most people want to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to the best of their ability. Although job titles and project roles generally determine what those responsibilities include, it is easy to forget that everyone is responsible for marketing. And if we forget or fail to realize that marketing is everyone’s job, chances are, we aren’t doing a good job at it.

So in what ways does the Superintendent, Project Engineer or Project Accountant provide marketing for CMSWillowbrook? Simple. By providing excellent Customer Service at all times.

Excellent Customer Service should not be limited to just our clients that have hired us, but should be extended to all parties we come in contact with- from the architects and engineers, to the subcontractors and suppliers, to the service vendors we talk to on a daily basis. Each relationship is an opportunity- an opportunity to market CMSWillowbrook  and to make them want to work with CMSWillowbrook over any other construction manager. In our line of work, it’s easy to get sideways with an architect or subcontractor but, even in these cases, we should make customer service a priority. After all, you never know when that person will have a chance to give their opinion on CMSWillowbrook’s performance.

Here are some simple ways to “Market” CMSWillowbrook:

  • Be accessible and responsive: Answer your phone rather than send them to voicemail. Respond to emails in a timely fashion.
  • Be helpful: Problems will arise. Let’s do what we can to resolve - even if it’s not “our problem”.
  • Follow through: If you commit to doing something, do it.
  • Exceed expectations: Put your best effort forward no matter what the task at hand is.
  • Show respect and be polite.