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The Norman High School addition includes numerous classrooms, collaboration spaces, student services and administration offices. The project consists of an approximate 30,000 sf remodel and new infrastructure throughout including new bathrooms and a 17,000 sf Freshman Academy for students to begin high school in a more comfortable environment separate from the upper classes. Also included on the interior, is a 9,700 sf VRC (Video Resource Center) which is home to Cox Cable Channel 18. The VRC staff and students produce four weekly television shows that air on local cable. In addition, the project also includes, a new 11,000 sf learning commons area with a coffee bar and soft seat seating area for students to socialize.

We recently completed a large scale remodel and addition of our high school, including additions to our sports facilities. I jokingly tell people, “we built a school inside of a school while we were having school”. I am convinced the on-site leadership team from CMSWillowbrook made this possible. Further, I look forward to working with them in the future.
— Dave Gibson, Assistant Principal, Norman High School

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