The CMSWillowbrook Management Team

Cary DeHart, CCM

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Cary DeHart is CEO and founder of CMSWillowbrook. He is a Professional Construction Manager with more than 38 years expertise in the public environment, with an emphasis on state and local public buildings. He holds a BS in Construction Management from Oklahoma State University, and is a Certified Construction Manager through the Construction Management Association of America. Through Cary's leadership, CMSWillowbrook is consistently selected for work on the basis of qualifications, knowledge, and experience. He is skilled in the management of multi-phased, multi-project programs, and was selected as the most qualified, "Best Value CM" by the State of Oklahoma on the very first "best value" selection process in the industry. He demonstrates a profound respect for his clients, teammates, and industry partners, and is highly regarded by architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers. He recieved the "Oklahoma Builder of the Year" award in 1998, is a past president of the AGC of Oklahoma, and is considered by many to be the pioneer of construction management in Oklahoma. Along with having an in-depth understanding of State Statutes and how to look after an owner's interest, Cary provides expertise in all functions of construction management.


Weston DeHart, DBIA, LEED AP


Weston DeHart holds a BS in Construction Management from OSU, is a certified constructor through the AIC, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Weston has been with CMSWillowbrook for over 14 years.  As the President, he is responsible for the oversight and coordination of our construction management teams from bidding phases through construction and warranty.  His experience includes team management with owners, architects, engineers, and industry consultants throughout the planning and bidding phases with a strong emphasis on historic restoration and large-scale renovation projects.  Weston is very proficient at producing an enjoyable and productive work environment with large teams comprised of many entities while faced with complex and demanding obstacles.  His duties include extensive constructability reviews during the design phase, detailed scheduling, pre-bid RFI coordination, quality control inspections/enforcement, and contract negotiations.  

Weston is a past board member of the Associated General Contractors, a trustee for the Oklahoma Education Foundation, and a current board member of the Oklahoma City Foundation for Architecture.


Jan Dunkin, CCM
Executive VP - Client Services

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Jan Dunkin is a nationally Certified Construction Manager with 30 years of industry experience. She has served CMSWillowbrook as director of pre-construction services for nine years and contract administrator for the past seven years. Her administration experience ranges from educational projects, health-care, industrial, institutional, commercial, detention, and faith-based facilities. Jan has worked extensively in contractor development with the construction community in Oklahoma, is a past Director of the Association of General Contractors of Oklahoma, and has a good rapport with architects, engineers, and industry associates.


Cris Callins
Vice-President Pre-ConstructioN

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Cris Callins holds a BS in Interior Design from UCO. She has been with CMSWillowbrook for over 14 years working in both pre-construction and contract administration. Currently, Ms. Callins manages our pre-construction division and has established a long healthy relationship with sub-contractors. She understands project communications play a vital role for each project success.  Cris keeps the pre-construction process simple and organized, all members of the team look to Cris for her guidance and great communication skills.  She is truly an asset to CMSWillowbrook and will be a necessity on your next construction team!