Construction to Start in January for New National Guard Facility

ARDMORE, Okla. ­(Nov. 6, 2017) - Construction of an Oklahoma Army National Guard readiness center to be located at 2355 Cooper Dr., near the Best Buy Distribution Center, will begin January 2018, in Ardmore.

The Oklahoma Military Department, in partnership with the State of Oklahoma Construction and Properties division, approved and awarded the project in September 2017. The City of Ardmore and the Ardmore Development Authority were key partners in providing the site for construction of the readiness center and the future construction of a field maintenance shop in the 2022 timeframe.

The center will serve full-time support personnel and approximately 300 part-time drilling traditional Oklahoma Army National Guard members. 

“Ardmore and Southern Oklahoma have a strong tradition of military service,” said Ardmore’s Mayor, Martin Dyer. “We are proud of our veterans. We deeply appreciate their service and sacrifices, and are appreciative of those currently in military service.  We are honored to have the Readiness Center located in Ardmore.”

Soldiers will operate, train and serve in the 80,000-square-foot facility. The center may also function as a place of refuge following a natural disaster or other catastrophic events.

  “The Ardmore Readiness Center will serve as the primary emergency response platform of the Oklahoma Army National Guard in south-central Oklahoma and the largest training platform for the Oklahoma Army National Guard in southern Oklahoma,” said Col. Mark Clifton, director of installation management for the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

"The Ardmore Development Authority looks forward to the completion of the Oklahoma Army National Guard Readiness Center, said Mita Bates, president of the Ardmore Development Authority. “The project that began in 2010 will provide new jobs for the area and continue the valued relationship between the military and the citizens of Southern Oklahoma."

After a thorough review and selection process, CMSWillowbrook partnered with GSB Architects and was awarded the project based on the quality of their proposal and ability to provide the Oklahoma National Guard with the most value for their new readiness center.

“Building a facility such as this for our troops is an honor,” said Angelo Bradford, vice president at CMSWillowbrook. “We are excited to get started. This facility will hopefully serve as the model and standard for future readiness centers.”

Funds for the $20 million readiness center were approved through a military construction cooperative agreement between the federal government and the State of Oklahoma. 

Larisha Hunter