What does CMSWillowbrook REALLY do?

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As people drive around Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Chickasha and other parts of Oklahoma, they see CMSWillowbrook signs on the most transformative projects in the state. 

But when they meet me and find out where I work, they’re sometimes confused about what we actually do.

“Oh, so you’re a general contractor?” 

Well, CMSWillowbrook can do everything a general contractor does. But as construction managers, we bring much more to the table. 

Construction management, sometimes called CM, is a specialized project-management process. Our company’s founder, Cary DeHart, was one of the pioneers of this concept. In fact, he landed one of the first CM contracts for a public project in Oklahoma more than 40 years ago. 

The biggest difference between our approach and traditional construction methods is CMSWillowbrook is there for every step of the project. Rather than hiring one team for the design phase, another for planning and another for construction, project owners can get a one-stop shop with expertise in every facet. 

Our clients save money, time and hassle. On one project we were able to cut the cost of mechanical systems in half by defining the scope of the work, eliminating sole-source vendors and clarifying risk. The savings allowed the client to go forward with the project, rather than dropping the idea.

We ensure an architect’s vision won’t run into technical challenges, make cost-saving suggestions before crews start work and we help develop a realistic, practical timeline.

In the end, the client gets a project finished on time and on budget. 

So, next time you see our team improving your city, remember CMSWillowbrook probably isn’t just putting together the pieces. We’ve been helping from the start, and we’ll be there until everything is finished. 

Weston DeHart is president of CMSWillowbrook.

Larisha Hunter