Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Topping Out Party!

We raised the last piece of steel on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Office Renovation project in Oklahoma City today! We are so excited to see this amazing project complete!

Originally built in 1966, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation building is the headquarters for the State of Oklahoma's Wildlife Department.  The project consists of an addition to the main building of 13,635 sq. ft. and a separate 7,825 sq. ft. warehouse.  The intent of the project is to make the building more energy efficient, safe, leak-proof, technologically advanced, ADA-complient, modern, and more fitness and educationally oriented.  The project will feature an outdoor reflecting pond, three indoor dioramas, an outdoor kitchen, a complete floorplan revision, and a large atrium with glass elevator.  In addition to architectural improvements, the building will be outfitted with a state of the art fire suppression system and new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.