Five years. 400,000 man hours. No incidents.

CMSWillowbrook’s exemplary safety record is one of the best in the industry because safety is our top priority. 
We implement proactive processes before safety problems occur. A stellar safety record means nothing if we allow ourselves to be overtaken by complacency.

  • Training: Two full-time safety professionals conduct risk assessments on job sites and can provide Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 and 30-hour safety courses for our staff and contractors. 
  • Proper Equipment: Safety budgets are always overfunded to provide proper equipment. Minimum standards are not the goal-safety is. 
  • Strategic Partnerships: The Oklahoma Department of Labor  is a partner of CMSWillowbrook and conducts voluntary inspections and perform safety education on our projects. We extend the same opportunity to our specialty contractors. 
  • Contractor Support: Everyone on the jobsite has access to safety resources. Potential problems and solutions are discussed at each week’s formal safety meeting with contractors.

We know any incident on a job site isn’t just bad for us; it’s bad for the owner as well. We want news stories about CMSWillowbrook projects to be about successful budgets, happy faces and excited future occupants—not about someone’s life. 

Because of our commitment to a culture of safety, our employees have worked 1.7 million hours over the last 11 years with no lost time, restricted duty or job duty transfer injuries.

CMSWillowbrook’s experience modification rate (EMR) of .79 is one of the lowest in the industry, which can save project owners money through reduced insurance premiums. 


Kent Dalrymple
Director of Safety and Risk Management