Safety Culture


Protecting the TEAM

Just as a father stands strong on his rules and enforcement to keep his children safe, CMSWillowbrook casts a strong and commanding shadow over the safety of each jobsite.  Workers and owners have both the respect and confidence that they have a safe place to do what they do best. At CMSWillowbrook we are a family business, we take the safety of our family very serious, and with thousands of workers across our jobsites, that’s a big family!

Exemplary Record

400,000 man hours without an incident, while that’s our safety record for the last 5 years, it means nothing if we allow ourselves to be overtaken by complacency.  After all, what is a record, if one person’s life is adversely affected or lost.  Sure, we can save you money with a low EMR of .76, one of the lowest in the industry.  But, we also know that any incident on a jobsite isn’t just bad for us, it's bad for the owner as well.  Our goal is that the news stories about your CMSWillowbrook jobsite will be about successful budgets, happy faces, and excited future occupants… not about someone’s life.

Beating the Odds

Construction has about 6% of U.S. workers, but 20% of the fatalities - the largest number of fatalities reported for any industry sector. These are staggering odds no matter how you look at it.  So how do we beat the odds?  Well, here are a few of the many ways….

  • Training:  With a full time safety director on staff, we are able to train our jobsite staff for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour safety courses.  We can provide our own weekly and daily risk assessments of our jobsites.  
  • Proper Equipment:  CMSWillowbrook is no fly by night outfit.  We provide proper safety equipment to our employees and our safety budget is always OVERfunded.  Minimum standards are not our goal.
  • Partnering:  CMSWillowbrook has been partnering with the Department of Labor (DOL) for over 10 years.  Each jobsite is voluntarily inspected by the State periodically throughout the process, just in case there is something that OSHA sees that we don’t.  We don’t wait for problems with safety, we seek solutions.
  • Subcontractor Involvement:  Safety starts with us, but is carried forward with our subcontractors.  Each subcontractor is provided the same pool of endless safety resources that our employees enjoy.  Each week a formal safety meeting is held to discuss any potential problems and to enable each sub to be an extension of our eyes to watch over the safety of our site.  Finally, each subcontractor is extended the opportunity and encouraged to partner with the Department of Labor (DOL) in the same manner we do, inviting voluntary inspections and education on their safety training in regards to OSHA standards.