West Village Parking Garages

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West Village Apartments Parking Garages

CMSWillowbrook is constructing several parking garages and mixed-use buildings as part of the West Village Apartment project.

Parking Garage A
This seven-and-a-half story pre-cast concrete parking garage includes parking for 317 vehicles and two elevators.

Parking Garage C
This six-and-a-half story pre-cast parking garage consists of parking for 384 vehicles and two elevators. The project includes decorative metal screening and a lower brick façade replicating existing historical buildings present at the time of demolition.

Parking Garage D
This multi-story parking garage/mixed-use building consists of parking for 131 vehicles on two levels of the five-story building. This is a post-tension, poured-in-place concrete structure with commercial and retail space on the ground level and a pool on the fourth floor. 

General Contract

ARRIVE Architecture Group

Weston DeHart, Matt Mettry, Allen Neal

Larisha Hunter