OSU Student Union Cupola Tower

Student Union Tower with scaffolding from Cary 2.jpg

Phase 1- CMSWillowbrook installed a scaffolding system to surround the existing copper cupola tower for safe access to inspect and evaluate the restoration requirements. The system also helped the team develop the budget and bid documents for the actual restoration work.

Phase 2 - Restoration of the copper cupola tower required hours of research and reverse engineering. First, the CMSWillowbrook team deciphered how the 38-spindle balustrade located inside the steeple was made. We discovered each spindle was actually 18 pieces of spun copper soldered together. We determined how the top and base were made, but we looked for months to locate a coppersmith who could recreate the spindles. We recreated the iconic balustrade by collaborating with the craftsman to make it more durable and weather resistant even though it looks almost identical to the original. The project was completed three months ahead of schedule. Our team was committed to having the work completed before homecoming 2018, and they succeeded.

Construction Management at Risk, with specialized pre-construction services, scaffolding and restoration expertise

Selser Schaefer Architects

Cary DeHart, Weston DeHart

Larisha Hunter