Special Projects

The Special Projects division was created with your project in mind.  We have a dedicated, experienced staff that can focus in on your particular project, whether large or small. 


Project development / pre-construction services

We have a dedicated member of our team present at all design meetings.  We provide estimates at Schematic Design, Design Development (50% drawings) and when the Construction documents are issued.  By doing so we keep the team informed and on budget throughout design, and we have staff skilled at value engineering and cost control to help the team stay within budget.  We will also do a thorough constructability review before the Construction Documents are issued, ensuring the project can move forward without delays and cost over-runs.

We work hard to make sure you get multiple bidders for each bid package, by putting together better bid packages and personally reaching out to every bidder before bid day, and we screen subcontractors to insure you have qualified subcontractors to perform your work.  Because of the confidence bidders have in our company track-record and the comprehensiveness of our bid packages, you get multiple bids per package, that are more complete, which drives your costs down.

I plan on having a photo here of Aaron in a design meeting with an owner/architect

construction phase

During the construction phase of the project you will have a dedicated, experienced staff assigned to your project.  Your Project Superintendent will oversee the day to day activities on the job site, coordinating with trade contractors, insuring quality control for products and workmanship, conducting formal inspections with the architect, engineers, City and State inspectors, and keeping the project moving along on schedule.  The Superintendent, along with the Project Manager and our two full-time safety managers are responsible for job-site safety and insure all subcontractors adhere to our strict safety policies.  Your Project Manager oversees the project cost and schedule, evaluates any proposed changes and negotiates the cost of those changes to keep your project cost down.  The Project Manager is your point man with our company and keeps you informed of every aspect of your project.  He will hold monthly Owner’s meetings to give you a written status update regarding your project and answer any questions you have.  One of his main objectives is cost reporting and control.  This team of professionals also holds weekly subcontractor meetings so that coordination for your project continually runs smoothly. 


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post-construction phase

Our work doesn't end when the project is completed.  At the end of the project we do a thorough project close-out, providing you with As-Built documentation, Operations and Maintenance manuals, both in hard copy and digitally, and train your staff on building operations.  We also handle any warranty issues that come up during the warranty period and do an 11th month walk-through with your staff so any potential issues can be dealt with before your one year warranty expires.  

Our business depends on customers who are satisfied with not only the end product, but also the process—our hope is that your experience leads you to become a repeat customer and a great reference for our services!